Ghunan Environmental Center:

GEC is located between Abqaia and Dharan.  The total area of GEC is 250,000 M2.  Al - GEC is certified by Presidency of
Meteorology and Environmental (PME) for hazardous waste disposal management. KEW has vast experience in treatment
and disposal of solid and hazardous wastes. KEW is a registered contractor with Saudi Aramco in handling and disposing
of hazardous waste. The inspection & sampling of facilities for Asbestos in an important are of work for KEW. KEW work
includes cleanup work, collection of waste material, treatment & final disposal. KEW is specialized in oil & petrochemical
waste generated by plants, workshops, gasoline station, oil spill cleanup onshore and offshore.

KEW offers industrial and hazardous waste treatment at our facility to assist companies in seeking solutions to their solid
hazardous waste disposal problems.

Ghunan Environmental Center includes the following:

I- Receiving Area, which icnludes:
     • Garage / 2 Hangers
     • Storage Area
     • Office / Guard room
     • Decontamination Area

II- Disposal Area:
     • 2 Class I & II Landfills
     • 8 Different Evaporation Ponds
     • 15 Land Farming (Bioremediation) Cells

III- Five Monitoring Well